A big team with high aims

More than 800 freelancers work for our clients on a variety of projects across Germany. They are coordinated by a highly effective team of 30 bright brains in our headquarters in Wuppertal, led by Daniel Behrens and Andrea Lemm. Feel free to send us a message, call us or visit us in our office. We look forward to hearing from you.

Petra Ahrens (Assistant)
Birgit Baggen (Assistant)
Andrea Bange (Assistant)
Nina Beuermann (Consultant)
Alexander Buchheister (Senior-Consultant)
Christine Budschun (Assistant)
Claudia Buschmann (Secretary)
Carolina Cuciniello (Assistant)
Canan Dag (Consultant)
Carsten Eckert (Assistant)
Florian Egger (Student Assistant)
Birgit Gierth (Assistant)
Tanja Grothe (Assistant)
Nura Hasan (Assistant)
Selina Herrmann (Senior-Consultant)
Alexander Imwalle (Consultant)
Marco Keppler (Consultant)
Sabrina Kirschbaum (Student Assistant)
Alexander Krokowski (Student Assistant)
Claudia Lüdtke (Assistant)
Max Mattern (Senior-Assistant)
Asal Pistor (Assistant)
Philip Plewe (Assistant)
Eva Schmidt (Assistant)
Jürgen Sieberath (Project-Manager)
Regine Strüder (Assistant)
Quang Trung Tran (Student Assistant)
Joris van den Berge (Consultant)
Tanja Vidovic-Ungaro (Assistant)
Wiebke Werk (Senior-Assistant)
Christine Wiesnewski (Assistant)
Leon Zurborg (Student Assistant)