A big team with high aims

More than 800 freelancers work for our clients on a variety of projects across Germany. They are coordinated by a highly effective team of 30 bright brains in our headquarters in Wuppertal, led by Daniel Behrens and Andrea Lemm. Feel free to send us a message, call us or visit us in our office. We look forward to hearing from you.

Petra Ahrens (Assistant)
Volker Albrecht (Project-Manager)
Daniela Baeßler (Secretary)
Birgit Baggen (Assistant)
Andrea Bange (Assistant)
Nina Beuermann (Consultant)
Alexander Buchheister (Senior-Consultant)
Christine Budschun (Assistant)
Claudia Buschmann (Secretary)
Canan Dag (Consultant)
Carsten Eckert (Assistant)
Matthias Geisbüsch (Student Assistant)
Birgit Gierth (Assistant)
Tanja Grothe (Assistant)
Selina Herrmann (Senior-Consultant)
Alexander Imwalle (Consultant)
Sabrina Kirschbaum (Student Assistant)
Claudia Lüdtke (Assistant)
Max Mattern (Senior-Assistant)
Philip Plewe (Assistant)
Eva Schmidt (Assistant)
Stefanie Schmitz (Consultant)
Asal Sharifnia (Assistant)
Jürgen Sieberath (Project-Manager)
Sandra Stock (Assistant)
Regine Strüder (Assistant)
Sebastian Themann (Senior-Consultant)
Quang Trung Tran (Student Assistant)
Joris van den Berge (Consultant)
Tanja Vidovic-Ungaro (Assistant)
Wiebke Werk (Senior-Assistant)
Christine Wiesnewski (Assistant)
Leon Zurborg (Student Assistant)